The linkbaiting to get backlinks

A successful SEO strategy requires the use of several techniques, including linkbaiting. Linkbaiting is a process of creating specific content to attract the interest of different people. By developing a linkbaiting strategy, the manager of a site aims to obtain backlinks, necessary in an SEO strategy. What is linkbaiting? What is the purpose of backlinks? Discover here the essential to know about this technique of natural referencing.

What is the interest of backlinks in natural referencing?

Called backlinks or inbound links, backlinks are hyperlinks coming from a third-party site and pointing to your site or one of your pages. Their main purpose is to allow search engine spiders like Google to index the pages concerned and to provide power to your pages. Rightly, they are considered as one of the pillars of SEO. Getting quality backlinks to your site or any of your pages helps you gain popularity. They bring traffic and notoriety to your website since it is a technique of recommending content to the Internet user.

Backlinks are considered as a trust index. It is one of the criteria taken into account by Google’s algorithms to rank your site in the search results hence their interest in the implementation of an SEO strategy.

What is linkbaiting

The linkbaiting is defined as an SEO technique that allows you to get inbound links on a website. This action aims to create high value content in order to attract other site managers to issue natural links to your site. Speaking of value-added, this can include adding multimedia files, infographics, simulators, quizzes, etc. These types of content are favored by Google’s algorithms since they are deemed to be compelling to engage web users.

In its implementation, linkbaiting allows you to strengthen your SEO in order to increase your traffic. If your content proves to be successful, then linkbaiting will save you a definite amount of time in acquiring backlinks and avoid a possible penalty from a Google algorithm like Pinguin.

Some content ideas for doing linkbaiting

Setting up linkbaiting requires incorporating a few specific elements into your content. Among these, media files, but especially videos are in the first position. The latter are very suitable for creating natural inbound links to your site. In addition, other content ideas for linkbaiting include:

  • infographics;
  • polls;
  • full guides or tutorials;
  • interviews;
  • contests;
  • e-books…

In addition, rankings such as Top 5 or Top 10 and humorous content are also known for their reliability.

The disadvantages of linkbaiting

Despite its many advantages, however, linkbaiting does have some disadvantages. It is essential to take these into account in order to better refine your SEO strategy. As a first limitation, we can cite the time-consuming nature of linkbaiting. Setting up such content still requires time to think, but also human resources. You also have no guarantee of success for your content.

On the other hand, linkbaiting requires a significant level of expertise. Senior SEO consultants or experts are the most requested to perform this operation. This may require a significant cost. In addition, for the effectiveness of this technique, you must first ensure that your site is well optimized. Linkbaiting depends largely on the user experience. If the latter is not optimal, your investment will not be profitable. Finally, not offering unique content exposes you to the boomerang effect. You expose yourself to a bad buzz.

A netlinking campaign to master the backlink acquisition process and save time

A netlinking campaign occupies an indisputable place in the acquisition of inbound links to your site. Its purpose is the same as linkbaiting but netlinking is more precise and the acquisition of backlinks is controlled and targeted. In this sense, the third party sites are rigorously chosen and the contents that contain your backlinks can be controlled and validated by you. Setting up a netlinking campaign by an SEO expert is not necessarily more expensive than setting up content for linkbaiting.

To start your netlinking, you must first of all, you must set goals and identify the key words of your campaign. You can then make a list of sites from which you want to have backlinks in order to contact them afterwards.

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