How to make a specification for your website?

When trying to save time on a website creation project, the step that is often skipped is the writing of the specifications. However, this phase is essential to the success of any web project. It allows you to formalize it and guide the stakeholders in the creation of the site. Find out here how to create a specification for a website.

What are the specifications for a website?

You are in charge of the project of redesigning or creating the website within your company? You need to choose the best web provider? To succeed in this mission, it would be advantageous to draw up a specification document. To define this document, we can say that it is a detailed presentation of the web project and what you want to achieve.

In other words, this document lists the objectives, functional expectations, constraints as well as the different stakeholders.

Such a presentation allows to guide the exchanges with the future web agency or any other digital provider. Moreover, such a document allows you to ask the right questions about the different facets of the web project: from SEO to web design and development.

This step of formalization avoids bad surprises. Writing a specification for a web project also allows you to compare the services of different web agencies on an identical content and choose the best proposal.

The types of specifications

A specification drawn up according to the rules of art allows the web project to succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to spend the necessary time to define the needs in an exhaustive way. To do this, two types of documents should be prepared.

The technical specifications

In this part, it is about defining in a clear and precise way the technical constraints of the web project. In other words, it is necessary to specify the security standards to be adopted, the programming languages and the platforms to be used. In addition, the adaptations to be made so that the new project is consistent with the existing technical infrastructure should be listed.

The functional specifications

This type of document makes it possible to specify the functionalities on which the project will depend. Indeed, it is about defining the organization of the pages of the site as well as their contents. It is also necessary to determine the resources of each target as well as the accessibility levels.

How to create its specifications for its website?

To properly formalize the project of creating a website, it would be advantageous to create a specification. However, to succeed in this mission, it would be best to follow some crucial steps.

Present your business

In this phase, you should write a presentation about the company, the business and anything that can help the provider understand your constraints and issues. The objective is to offer relevant information to enable stakeholders to better understand the market.

Defining the nature and scope of the website project

At this level, the right questions should be asked. As an example, “What type of site to create?”, “Should we proceed with a redesign or create a new website?”… It is also appropriate to define the analytical tools to be integrated and their interest for the business.

To do this, it would be advantageous to set the objectives of the project: generate leads, gain notoriety or visibility, ensure an online CRM… Thereafter, it would be wise to determine the targets of your project: current customers, potential customers, suppliers, employees… Each audience has different needs and requires particular functional specifications.

Prepare the site structure

Now it’s time to draw a diagram that clearly defines the site’s tree structure. This involves establishing a hierarchy of pages. It is also appropriate to think about the content that will be published there.

Think about the graphic design

This is the time to think about the web design of the site. Because of this, mockups or wireframes should be created to inspire the web designers as well as the developers. These elements serve as a basis for determining the positioning of each page.

Think about the graphic design

This is the time to think about the web design of the site. Because of this, mockups or wireframes should be created to inspire the web designers as well as the developers. These elements serve as a basis for determining the positioning of each page.

Defining the graphic charter

In this step of writing the specifications, it is necessary to specify the graphic charter to be respected by the designers. In other words, it is to specify the colors, themes, logos, typography, type of images and videos…

The technical specifications

These should be defined according to the desired functionality of the site. Depending on the scope of the project, a domain name, a host, a development language should be chosen…

Define the right evaluation indicators and a project schedule To evaluate the success of your web project, it is advisable to precisely define the right KPIs. In addition, it would be advantageous to set, with the provider, delivery deadlines with well-defined stages.

What are the mistakes to avoid when writing a specification?

To have an optimized website that perfectly meets the problems of your business, it is necessary to avoid certain mistakes. Indeed, some project leaders neglect the writing of the specifications or give it little interest. However, this document serves as a guide for the various stakeholders of the web service.

The lack of precision is also among the most common defects in a specification. In fact, it is necessary to specify the role of each stakeholder, the scope of his intervention and the delivery time. Thus, you can get a website that meets your expectations.

When writing the specifications of a website, it is advisable to define everything in a meticulous way. However, it would be advisable to have some flexibility to be able to adapt to the inconveniences that may occur throughout the progress of the project.

To conclude…

Now, after going through this post, you will be able to properly write the specifications for the creation or redesign of your website.

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